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Can anyone find my real phone number?


No, never. Your real phone number is completely separate from your Unlisted number. In fact, we don't even know your real phone number.

Will Unlisted calls and texts show up on my phone bill?


No, numbers you dial or text with will never appear on your phone bill.

Help! My number expired or I accidentally deleted it!


If you act quickly, we can recover it for you. The latest versions of the iOS app can recover your number from the Previous Numbers settings menu. If you don't see this, please update the app or contact support.

Why did my numbers disappear?


Most likely your numbers expired because they ran out of time and were not extended. Please also make sure that you are logged in with the same account that you originally used to setup your numbers.

How do I delete text messages?


You can delete a text message by holding down on the bubble, then choosing delete. If you want to delete an entire conversation, then you can swipe towards the left on the list view, then choose delete.

Can you explain your prices?


We offer both pay-as-you-go and unlimited plans. Unlimited plans are simple: call and text as much as you want. Pay-as-you-go plans reserve your number each month and give you 10 texts + 10 voice minutes each month. After that, you can buy more usage credits as you need them.

Do you use my cell plan's minutes, texts, or data?


That depends on how you use it. Normally only your phone's internet connection (Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, etc.) will be used. Some older versions of the app support "Bridge Calling". If you use this option, then your cell provider will bill you according to the plan you have with them. This will also happen if you forward calls to another number. When sending a text message, we will not use your text message plan from your cell provider. However, we will use your data connection, which may lead to normal usage charges.

How do I delete calls?


You can delete a call by swiping it towards the left then choosing delete.

How do I get more credits?


You can add more calling and texting credits from the number list section. In newer versions, this is in the side bar or the top My Numbers dropdown menu. Older versions can try tapping on '+' from the main Home tab and then following the prompts from there.

Where can I use this app?


You can use Unlisted anywhere in the world, but we only provide US and Canadian numbers. You can also only call and text with other US or Canadian numbers.

Why am I not receiving calls?


Please review your number's options to ensure that the line is enabled and that you are requesting for calls to ring in the app. If you are still not receiving calls, then please try force-quitting the app. Wait a few seconds, then re-open the app. As an alternative, you can choose to forward incoming calls to another number (such as your actual cell phone number). This will be a better alternative when your internet connection is not so great, and your real number still remains protected.

How do I make calls?


You can make and receive calls using your internet connection (VoIP) from anywhere in the world. To make and receive calls, you will need to purchase calling credits first.

How do I delete my number?


You can delete your number from the number options screen. If that number was part of a subscription, you may have the option to add another number for free depending on how long ago you bought your most recent number. In any case, you can always pay a little bit to get a new number immediately.

How do I extend my number?


Automatically renewing subscriptions will automatically charge your iTunes account about 1 day before the expiration date. Please ensure that your iTunes or Play Store payment information remains up to date so that your subscription doesn't get accidentally cancelled. For prepaid plans, you can extend your number from your number's options screen. Depending on the app version, find the number's options in the bottom tab bar or in the top right of the screen after you select a number.

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