Not everyone needs your real phone number

Generate new burner phone numbers to hand out to clients, run a business, post online, or give out to dates. They're for any time you'd rather just not use your real phone number.

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It's time to take back control of your phone.

Our phone numbers are too permanent and too personal to give out all the time. Do you really want that guy from the bar, that Craigslist buyer, or your clients from your last job to have direct access to you all the time? Run your own business from your phone? Good luck.

Protect your privacy. Reclaim your personal time. Say goodbye to creeps.

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Real Phone Numbers

Unlisted phone numbers are real phone numbers in your area code. Or wherever you want them.

Not publicly connected to you

Your name and real number are not publicly linked to your Unlisted number in any way.

You're back in control

Set up your number exactly how you want it. When you're done with your number, delete it.

Unlimited private phone numbers.
Calling, texting, voicemail.
No hassle.

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A modern approach to phone numbers


Let others contact you, but on your terms. Just because you chat once doesn't mean someone has automatic lifetime access to you.

Fully featured

Texting, photo messaging, calling, and voicemail all come standard.


Lock down Unlisted with private contacts, an optional PIN screen, and configurable notifications.


No one will know you're using Unlisted. Pick one of our long terms plans, setup a custom voicemail greeting, and you're literally in business.

Look professional + stay sane with a separate phone number for your business

Unlimited calling, texting, voicemail

Custom voicemail greetings

Reliable connectivity built with industry-leading technology

No Unlisted branding or other tells that you are using Unlisted

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Say goodbye to bad dates and Craigslist creeps

Freely give out your Unlisted number so you can stay in touch

Call and text as much as you need. They'll never know you're using a burner phone app.

Couch sold? Creepy date? Delete the number and move on. It's what burner phone numbers are for.

Setup as many Unlisted numbers as you need. Pay-as-you-go pricing means you only pay for what you use.

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Just need some privacy?

Your use of Unlisted is completely separate from your real phone activity. It will not appear in your phone's message or call logs.

Unlisted calls and texts won't show up on your normal phone bill

Anyone you call or text will only see your Unlisted number's caller ID, not your own (and definitely not your name)

Configurable PIN screen & notification settings can completely lock down your Unlisted app to avoid prying eyes

Unlimited private phone numbers.
Calling, texting, voicemail.
No hassle.

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Unlisted is a second phone number app that protects your primary cell phone number. Get new burner phone numbers in any area code in the U.S. and Canada for private calls and texts. This phone number changer blocks spam calls and takes mobile security to a new level. Try Unlisted and get a temporary phone number now!