Add a dedicated second phone number for work

Unlisted Mobile is a fully featured phone — in an app. Talk and text using dedicated private numbers that aren’t linked to your real number.

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Unlisted Mobile is perfect for separating work and personal calls. I find it so convenient to have separate numbers. I no longer have to give out my personal number to clients and I always know which line is ringing.

I have a business and I don't like to give out my personal number, so I give them my Unlisted Mobile number. The best part is that I can get all of my calls on the same phone!

We used to use our own personal phones to call our students. They would then save our numbers and call us at all hours. Thanks to Unlisted Mobile, we can give students and parents a separate number that still comes to me, but on my terms.

Add a second number to your phone
in less than 60 seconds


Protect your privacy

We have engineered Unlisted to ensure that there is no way to trace your Unlisted number to you or your real number.

Beyond that, Unlisted calls & texts won't show up in your Phone or Messages apps, or on your phone bill.

Need even more security? Turn on PIN protection to make sure only you have access to your private contacts.

Protect your time

Just because you always have your phone with you doesn't mean you should always be available.

With Unlisted, you'll always know if the call is for work or your Craigslist posting. Better yet, you can set up each of your numbers with different availabilities so you decide who gets your time.

Protect your pocket

We mean this literally. Don't carry that second phone. We'll give you as many phone lines as you want, but our beautiful app weighs nothing and works with the phone you already carry.

Beyond that, our flexible plans and easy setup make it light on your wallet. No minimum contract lengths, no visit to your mobile phone provider necessary.

Add a second number to your phone
in less than 60 seconds

Unlisted is a second phone number app that protects your primary cell phone number. Get new burner phone numbers in any area code in the U.S. and Canada for private calls and texts. This phone number changer blocks spam calls and takes mobile security to a new level. Try Unlisted and get a temporary phone number now!