Your modern business phone an app.

Unlisted gives you a new phone numbers for your business. So you can stop giving out your personal number to everyone or carrying that second phone.

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It's time to take back control of your phone.

Tired of clients calling at all hours? Are you carrying a second phone for your business calls and texts? Unlisted puts your business communications in a box, so you can can communicate on your terms. And with a dedicated business number in the local area code, you look more professional than ever.

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Real Phone Numbers

Unlisted phone numbers are real phone numbers in your area code. Or wherever you want them.

Not publicly connected to you

Your name and real number are not publicly linked to your Unlisted number in any way.

You're back in control

Set up your number exactly how you want it. Control when others can ring you.

Add a second number to your phone
in less than 60 seconds



A modern approach to phone numbers


Let others contact you, but on your terms. Just because you chat once doesn't mean someone has automatic lifetime access to you.

Fully featured

Texting, photo messaging, calling, and voicemail all come standard.


Lock down Unlisted with private contacts, an optional PIN screen, and configurable notifications.


No one will know you're using Unlisted. Pick one of our long terms plans, setup a custom voicemail greeting, and you're literally in business.

Professional features

Calling, texting, picture messaging, and voicemail

Custom voicemail greetings

Reliable connectivity built with industry-leading technology

No Unlisted branding or other tells that you are using Unlisted

Protect your own phone (and your sanity)

Clients and customers won't have your personal number anymore

No more guessing. You will always know when it is a business call.

Reduce robocalls and spam by limiting your personal number's exposure

Temporary project? Set up a new phone number and delete it when you're done.

We are here for you. Just let us know what you need.

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask. We are a small team that acts fast.

Custom invoicing and payment options available

Dedicated and professional support

Have an existing number? No problem. We'll port it over for no charge.

Add a second number to your phone
in less than 60 seconds

Unlisted is a second phone number app that protects your primary cell phone number. Get new burner phone numbers in any area code in the U.S. and Canada for private calls and texts. This phone number changer blocks spam calls and takes mobile security to a new level. Try Unlisted and get a temporary phone number now!